Coolroom Specialist

Omega Air can design and install cool-rooms for your business. We have the experience in design, construct and install customised, energy efficient cool-rooms as per your requirement.

Our quality work is second to none; we offer our clients reliability and efficiency at the right price.

What you Need

You requirement could be a walk-in cool-room, refrigerated warehouse, refrigerated compartment or an entire cold room storage plant. Omega Air has the expertise to provide answers and solutions.

  • If you need to up-size your existing cool-room to adjust for seasonal demand?
  • If you need cool-room storage to adequately scaled up as your business grows?
  • If you need to refurbish your current cool-room to operate at optimum capacity?

You might have many questions that may need answers. Let us know what and we will try to provide you with the best solutions for cool-room.

Best Consultation and Advice

Omega Air adheres to current refrigeration industry standards and best practices in energy control and efficiency. Our technicians take a practical approach to each project and provide optimal advice regarding operational equipment such as condenser fans and cooling tower fans.

Omega Air will assess if the cool-room equipment is positioned in the best siting location.  We will make sure that the vibration and piping harmonics to ensure ongoing efficiency and smooth operation for your system to prevent any failures.

We will consult and explain to you on the current load on your existing or new cool-room system, its performance parts etc. We will assess the following components:-

  • Door closing seals
  • Door locks, switches and hinges
  • Digital Thermostats
  • Lighting fixtures
  • PVC Strip curtains
  • Pressure relief vents
  • Floor, wall and ceiling insulation
  • Self-closing, fast-acting doors
  • Defrost cycles
  • Anti-condensation
  • Evaporators
  • Defrost controllers
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Compressors and condensing units.

Omega Air only uses quality cool-room housing and parts in the construction or refurbishment of cool-rooms.

Talk to the Professional

Coolrooms operate year around. It becomes crucial for cool-room storage facilities to have continual, long-lasting reliability and operating efficiency.

Omega Air offers reliable and energy efficient designs, maintenance solutions and temperature control for the cool-rooms.

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Our professional and friendly team members today. We can have your improved refrigeration system up and running with no downtime to your business.

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1 Phase3 Phase

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